Harmony Studios

The Studio & Where We’ve Been

Hey everyone,

This has probably been pretty clear, but we’ve had a bit of a break from the studio. We aren’t always the best at updating when there aren’t too too many thrilling things going on, and for that I apologize. Because of the need for us to work a bit while in the studio, and our producer working on other albums (check out Aerosmith’s Music From Another Dimension- you won’t regret it), there have been a few scheduling conflicts. Nevertheless, we are back in the studio this week, and will be updating often until the new year, before which we hope to have this thing finished.

As we get closer to releasing a new album, the excitement of everything that comes along with it starts to creep up. Since 2008 we’ve only had the pleasure of two releases (the upcoming being the third). This will be our first full length album since If You Know What I Mean in 2008. The most rewarding part is getting to share everything we’ve worked on with everyone who has supported and motivated us since that release. We’re grateful to have been given a chance to grow and get better as songwriters and musicians, and it wouldn’t mean anything unless we were able to experience it with people who love music as much as we do. We hope everyone will be as excited about the new songs as we are, and that the album will be something you can enjoy from start to finish. We’re going to do everything we can this year to make everyone a part of this weird journey with us, and give you all a chance to hang out with us on the road. That is the best part of releasing a new record. Brendan and Ben will be back in the studio this week wrapping up lead guitars and vocals, so it shouldn’t be too long before the album comes to life. We will have a lot of announcements soon regarding the album title, artwork, and the track listing.

We’re very excited about this: We will be playing all of the new songs for the first time at Pearl Street Clubroom in Northapmton, MA on December 22. It’s been about a year since we’ve played in our home state, which isn’t cool at all. We have been working hard on this record since then, and couldn’t be more pumped about jamming out with our family, best friends, and all of the good people from Massachusetts and New England. Please join the FACEBOOK EVENT [link] and maybe even share it so we can pack that place out and make it a nice pre-Christmas party.

Well, that should be enough for now. Enjoy this video of us moving into our new practice space. Nothing crazy, but we’ll have more studio updates soon! Hope you’re all doing well. We’ll be in touch.


Ryan, Brendan, Dave, and Ben