Studio Update 8/23/2012

Hey all,

Hope everyone is doing well. First of all, we’re very grateful to be able to be making this record. We didn’t expect to be able to do it so soon. Thanks to everyone for their encouraging input, in whatever way over the years, and for all of the new interest in the music.

We’ve been in the studio for about a week now, and have a good portion of the tracking done. Today, we’re doing some guitars, and will be finishing that up this week. It’s moving along nicely, and we love how it’s sounding. If anyone is in the LA area, we will be trying out some of the new songs for the first time this weekend. We’re playing Saturday, August 25th, at HOTEL CAFE in Hollywood at 10:30 pm. Come hang out if you’re a night owl.

We are going to be updating this website/blog on a regular basis, so please keep in touch and we’ll fill you in on everything we’re up to. Hoping to be very busy with the release of the album, and definitely hope to come everywhere and play. Here are a few pictures from the studio.

More soon…


Ryan and the guys