Hotel Cafe show & studio anxiety 8.28.2012

Hey hey everyone,

It’s Tuesday night around 8 pm here in LA. We have the night off from the studio…thinking of grabbing some dollar tacos down the road. Taco Tuesday, of course. Just gotta make sure it doesn’t turn into taco Wednesday…

Anyways, we had a show at Hotel Cafe this weekend in Hollywood. We got to play some of the new songs for the first time. We played a few songs tentatively titled White Noise Town, Runaround, and Lost Inside Forever. I understand that this means near nothing right now, but will hopefully sometime soon. We really appreciate everyone who came out. We love you guys. We’re planning a bunch more shows right now, which should be posted in the next few days.

Sometimes we (and many other musicians I’m sure) analyze our work for so long, and hope and work so hard to make the songs the best they can be, that we begin to second guess a little bit. We’ll call it studio anxiety. It happens when the time comes when the songs can’t be changed much any longer, after working on them for so long. This happens, all while loving the songs at the same time. So on this day off, these are some of the thoughts going on, other than being anxious to get started again, and get closer to finishing the record.

That’s about all the excitement for today. Check back tomorrow.

Love you all,

Ryan and the guys