Happy Labor Day & some new music recs.

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone is having a good one. We’re still here in southern, CA where, surprise, the weather happens to be beautiful. No complaints. We had a few days off from the studio this week. It was good to recollect our thoughts and ideas for the songs and have them ready for Tuesday.

Being such a talented fellow, our producer Warren has been working on a lot of other projects lately. One of which is the new Aerosmith album, called Music From Another Dimension. The new single that was just release, called “What Could Have Been Love”, is really really great. We have been blasting it around the apartment, on runs, in the car, etc. From what we’ve heard there’s a good mix of classic Aerosmith all over the record. It’s great that these (slightly older) gentlemen from Massachusetts are still doing it.

Well, there’s my music recommendation for the day. Here’s a link where you can sample and download the song at itunes: ♫ Aerosmith – What Could Have Been Love

Again, hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. We will have some meatier updates with some videos of the recording process this week.

Love you guys,