An update to our friends and fans…

Hello friends,

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! Hoping you are all well…

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an official update on the “state of the band”. Which is that we’re working hard on new music, and to be on the road playing. As some of you may know, we recently relocated to the west coast, and have been living in Los Angeles for the past few weeks. We plan on riding it out here for a while; writing, touring, and working on a new record. It’s been great being around all the people we have met out here, and has been an awesome couple weeks getting back into the swing of being a full time band. As some of you may also know, we have a new addition to the band. Our new friend Ben Lozano has been working with the band for a little while now, joined us on the tour out west, and will be riding it out with us as work on new tunes. It’s been awesome being back in action playing shows and writing all the time. Ben is awesome guy, and an amazing guitarist. We’re looking forward to you all meeting him and hearing him rip.

Speaking of opportunities for this to happen…we have a few upcoming shows in Southern California, etc. We’re excited to play some of these new songs on the road. Here are some upcoming tour dates (I included a few Facebook even links):

February 10 – Queen Bees – San Diego – 7pm – ALL AGES (with Asper Kourt)
February 12 – Amplyfi – Los Angeles – 7pm – ALL AGES (with Asper Kourt) FB:
March 8 – Hotel Cafe – Los Angeles – 11pm set time – 21+ FB:
March 13 – More Info Coming Soon – San Antonio, TX
March 14-17 – SXSW – Austin, TX (exact dates and set times TBA)
March 20 – The Blue Light Live – Lubbock, TX
March 22 – TBA – Albuquerque, NM (with Asper Kourt)

For the next few months, between road dates, we will be living in Hollywood while we write and rehearse at Swinghouse Studios just down the road. This is the studio where we recorded our most recent release, so we’re excited to be in that environment again.

We wil be in touch a lot from here on out. If you’d like to keep up with what we’re up to, we’d love that. Every message, tweet, you name it, is appreciated and encourages us to keep writing.

We love you all, thanks!

Ryan, Brendan, Dave, and Ben

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  1. Mary Brennan
    Mary Brennan says:

    Wow….not to be a downer, but no Shea mention? He tried so hard to do this, but how huge is it to relocate? Some props for Shea would be cool. No props suck. And Shea will be pissed that I posted this and you can take me off your list (I still love the music), but really, Shea sacrificed alot and to acknowledge that is crap.

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